1. About the 2023 NFSA Finch & Softbill Census:

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Thank you for participating in the NFSA Finch & Softbill Census for 2023.

The census is designed to provide a understanding  of the availability and relative abundance of different finch & softbill species in Australian aviculture. We know that we wont get every birdkeeper to respond, but with enough responses we can get an idea. As the number of species continues to decline it is essential that we are able to direct our attention and available resources to those species of most concern.

Please note the following:
* Please complete 1 survey only (either online or in paper form but not both)
* we do not require nor ask for any names or city (other than state).
* This survey will remain open until 15 December 2023
* This survey is open to all Finch & Softbill keepers in Australia.

Please share this link with other aviculturists or bird keepers:

If you would like to participate in a conservation or co-operative breeding program or if you have any questions relating to this survey please contact:
Gary Fitt (Vice - President, NFSA) PO Box 1600 Coorparoo DC QLD 4151
email: gary.fitt@bigpond.com 

National Finch & Softbill Association