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Thank you for investing in volunteerism by completing this survey. Your helping define the state of volunteerism in our communities. United Way of East Central Iowa, United Way of Johnson & Washington Co., and Volunteer Center of Cedar Valley are collaborating to learn about the opportunities and challenges non-profits, faith-based, healthcare, and governmental organizations face in strategically engaging and managing volunteers throughout the 380 corridor.

Results will be shared with all participants that provide their email address. United Ways, Volunteer Centers, Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service, community funders, corporate volunteer programs, and volunteer engagement professional networks will use the information gathered to refine the training, education, and support that we provide to local nonprofits along with collaborating with great organizations in the community to continually improve and strengthen volunteerism.

Remember good-faith estimates are fine whenever we are asking for numbers/percentages. Also, you can select your level of anonymity. Know that individual responses will not be shared with stakeholders. You can choose if you even want your organization included as a contributor.

If you have questions please reach out to Kayla Paulson at 319.398.5372 x837 or

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* 1. Does your organization use volunteers (un-paid human capital including, but not limited to: Board of Directors, Administrative, Direct Service, Events, Fundraising, etc)?

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* 2. What is your organization's primary field of service?

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* 3. If applicable, what Health/Human Services area does your organization address? (select all that apply)

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* 4. What counties does your organization serve? (select all that apply)

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* 5. How many paid staff does your organization employ?