Welcome to My Survey

Good afternoon. During 2013-14, the KHSAA partnered with the NFHS to become a member of the NFHS Network. This network, powered by PlayOn Sports, is a joint venture of nearly 40 state high school associations to aggregate content from all states and across all sports.

The KHSAA contributed all of the video content from the state championship events last year to this network. The events are behind a paywall, with a subscription-based model that helps ensure that attendance isn't harmed by technology. While many of us like to try "new things" and love getting our events out there, the cold, hard truth is that we can't continue expanding in new ways that provide something for free, when there should, in fact, be a charge.

Part of the NFHS Network is the School Broadcast Program. This program allows the school itself to originate broadcasts on the network, using a minimal amount of equipment. Similar to the program that we collaborated with iHigh to develop several years ago, this is a no-frills way to get your content out there for people to see, without spending a great deal of money. No rights fee is charged to the school to get content online. It has also proven to be a great venue to show other events (not just athletics) such as other school activities (plays, band competitions, graduation, etc).

The network has a very successful model where the paying subscriber (the end user) to the network purchases a pass (daily, monthly and annual plans are available), and has unlimited access to content for that period. For events produced by the school, the producing school receives a large portion of that subscriber fee (50% for 2014-15). For regular season play up to the state finals, the KHSAA receives NO portion of any webcast revenue from subscribers for these broadcasts.

NFHS Network School Broadcast program participants are also exempt from broadcasting fees for postseason contests for the early rounds of postseason play while all other entities will be subject to required rights fees to be paid for webcasting.

We are not asking you to make a commitment with this email. We are only asking that your school make a few minutes to talk to the folks at the network about joining in. The KHSAA will be using the network to stream championship play this year, and likely using it exclusively. The new HD capability of the network makes it a very attractive source to get your (and our) product out on the internet, but with the added benefit of getting back some revenue to help offset any loss of paying customers that this may cause.

I ask that you at least take the time to complete the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NFHSNetworkSurvey, and hopefully meet with these individuals. If you don't have time at your place, make time during the Annual Meeting on September 10 to visit with their staff when they are here that morning and sit in on their informative presentation.

Thanks for taking a look at this cutting-edge program.