Welcome to the Survey on Nepali Community in British Columbia, Canada

An important issue discussed during Nepal Cultural Society of BC's (NCSBC) 21st Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on May 9th, 2020 was on the paucity of data on people of Nepali origin residing in the Province of British Columbia. The general consensus was that we lack knowledge of the number, geographical distribution, and the overall status of Nepali in BC.

To address this concern the NCSBC AGM recommended to form a volunteer based task group, representing different community organizations/individuals, and examine what could be done to fill this knowledge gap. Discussions led by the task group, including with some community members, concluded that the lack of demographic information has some major implications to the members of the community at the root of which is the perceived, invisibility of the community in the eyes of the policy makers as well as the entire political/bureaucratic system. This in turn may also have resulted in a possible deprivation of political and social attention received by the members of Nepali communities, as compared to other 'more visible communities'. 

As a means to rectify this disadvantage, the task group agreed upon forming a Survey Committee and conducting a survey on all British Columbians who identify themselves as Nepalis. 

A survey committee was thus formed under the mantle of NCSBC and representatives of NCSBC, Canada Nepal Friendship and Cultural Society (CANFACS), Hindu Buddhist Foundation of Canada (HBFC), Nepali Canadian Women's Society of British Columbia (NCWSBC), Nepalese Scholars' Association at UBC Okanagan (NepSA), and Nepali Heritage Charity Foundation of BC (NHCF BC), as well as support from the Himalaya Program at the University of British Columbia (UBC). In places where such community organization does not exist, officially or unofficially, prominent individuals were requested to represent the community.

The Survey Committee has prepared this survey such that we understand the Nepali community better and formulate action plans for a better and brighter future for the Nepali-British Columbians.

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Survey Committee

Organization representatives:
NCSBC - Dr. Prabeen Joshi and Mr. Kumar KC 
CANFACS - Mr. Navin Dhakal
HBFC - Mr. Bishnu Mainali
NCWSBC - Ms. Manisha Bajracharya
NepSA - Mr. Sarin Raj Pokhrel
NHCF - Mr. Harihar Bhandari
UBC (through a Fostering Research Partnerships Fund grant) - Drs. Sara Shneiderman, Rina Pradhan, Mark Turin,  Ramjee Parajulee, and Ratna Shrestha.

Mr. Kul Raj Bhandari - Prince George
Mr. Lal Baniya - Surrey
Dr. Sanjivan Mahara - Nanaimo

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