* 1. What grade level do you teach?

* 2. Type of school (check all that apply)

  Urban Suburban Rural

* 3. In what state is your school?

* 4. How many field trips do you plan a year?

* 5. Of your planned field trips, how likely are you to plan one of them to a museum, cultural or historic site during the academic year?

* 6. If planning a field trip are you most likely to:

* 7. What is/are the biggest deterrent(s) to going on a field trip? (Select all that apply) 

* 8. How likely are you to have museum/cultural site staff visit your classroom to present an educational program?

* 9. If museum/cultural site staff visited your classroom to make a presentation, what would be important to you?

  The program must be an hour or less The program must be interactive (discussion, group work, Q & A, etc.) The program must include visuals and/or objects that can be touched The program must have clear ties to state standards and Common Core The program is easily set up and broken down with minimal disruption or need of resources
Most important
Somewhat important
Not important at all

* 10. If searching museum/cultural site websites, what would you be interested in finding?

  Background/summary information on a topic primary sources 1-2 complete lessons that tie to standards  3-4 complete lessons that tie to standards  1-2 week curriculum kits for purchase (includes lessons, activities and resources) student worksheets/classroom activities lists of additional resources, websites, etc. 

* 11. If purchasing a curriculum kit from a museum/cultural site, what would you like included?

  posters, maps, things to hang on the walls 4-5 planned lessons clear listing of state curriculum or Common Core standards that are addressed context and background information about the topic/person/issue visuals: film or dvd of images powerpoint with questions/activities included teacher guides with answers to questions
Not important

* 12. How are you most likely to hear about a museum/cultural/historic site and its education programs and field trip opportunities?

* 13. If a local museum offered summer workshops in your field with Professional Development Points, how likely would you attend?

100% of survey complete.