NEF Grant Proposal   

  • The 2019-2020 Natick Education Foundation (NEF) Grant Proposals are ready for submission and due before March 1, 2020
  • NEF will fund up to $10,000 total in grants (We would
    prefer proposals for $2000 or less. However, exceptional proposals requesting larger grants will be considered.)
  • All teachers and staff of Natick Public Schools are eligible and encouraged to apply
  • NEF Grant-funded projects must be academic in nature or otherwise in support of student growth and learning
  • Proposals should have a clear and focused and goal; and should include expected outcomes (i.e. we expect to train X number of teachers through a "train a teacher" program, etc.)

Additional information

The Natick Education Foundation's purpose is to support our teachers, staff, and students with resources that are not funded through ordinary budgetary channels as well as to encourage programs that enhance and enrich the curriculum. 

NEF Funding
NEF funding is generated through individual and corporate donations to Natick Education Foundation, Teacher Tributes, and other NEF fund-raising events.

Grant Awards FAQ
 How long do I have to spend the grant award?
The Grant winner has two years to use the funds awarded.  We expect grants in this cycle to be awarded June 1, 2020, therefore funding must be utilized before June 1, 2022.
Does NEF fund consultants?
In general, NEF does not fund consultants or visiting artists/performers unless the direct and on-going benefit to Natick students is great in relation to his or her compensation. However, NEF does support teachers receiving professional development that will be spread to other teachers at their grade level or subject area. Our goal is to have successful projects disseminated widely across the districts, touching as many schools, teachers, and students as possible.

Will NEF expect an update from me regarding my grant?
Yes, grant recipients will be asked to share the results of their project with NEF through occasional surveys, conversations and possible presentations.

Does NEF fund health related proposals?
For health-related projects, please visit the MetroWest Community Healthcare Foundation first.
How can I contact NEF to ask questions about my proposal?
Please email with any questions