This herd information is being requested by the Beef Checkoff Sustainability Research program to provide good representation of the Northeastern cattle rearing region to better inform the Beef Sustainability Lifecycle Assessment. Farm, ranch and feedlot names and other personal information will not be associated with the survey. Specific information provided will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared beyond the immediate research team and will be summarized, aggregated and published to document the management practices used in your specific region.

Please complete these questions for your operation where the operation is defined as all activities occurring around your primary location. If cattle are transported to or from facilities at another location, you can treat that as a separate operation. We understand that production practices and the environments in which cattle are raised can vary greatly between regions. To accommodate for this, we have included a comment box at the end of the survey for you to expand on the information provided as you deem necessary to more accurately describe your operation.

Please submit your responses to the survey by July 31, 2017. At any time before this deadline, you may re-enter the survey to edit or complete a response.

* 1. Where are you located?

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