Thank you for attending the 2017 National Celtic Festival. We welcome your feedback on this year's festival, as this assists us in planning for 2018. We also use this survey to gather a range of data from our patrons as this assists us with securing future funding and grants.

* 1. Postcode

* 2. First can we check that you attended this year's festival......

* 3. If you replied 'No I didn't attend' to question 2, can you tell us why?
Thank you for responding to this survey - and we look forward to you joining us next year.

* 4. What best describes the capacity in which you attended the 2017 NCF?

* 5. How many festivals have you attended in Portarlington?

* 6. Where do you usually live?

* 7. Which category below includes your age?

* 8. Was the National Celtic Festival one of the main reasons for coming to Portarlington?

* 9. Did you extend your stay in the Bellarine Region because of the National Celtic Festival?

* 10. If you are a visitor, how many nights did you stay in Portarlington, Bellarine Region?

* 11. Where did you stay?

* 12. Did you purchase tickets on behalf of others?

* 13. If you purchased tickets on behalf of others, where were they from?

* 14. How did you hear about the National Celtic Festival?

* 15. On a scale of 1 to 10 - where 1 is 'I didn’t like the event, it was the worst experience ever', and where 10 is 'I loved the event, it was the best experience ever'. Please rate and describe your overall experience

* 16. Considering the following elements of the Festival please rate your experience: 1 'I had a very a poor experience' to 5 'I had a very positive experience'.

Music Concerts
Theatre Program
The Gathering - around the Hearth Fire
Dance Program
House of Song
Rambling House 
Pipes and Drums Program
Volunteers welcoming and helpful

* 17. Now some questions about the amount of money you and your party spent on various items during your stay. Taking into account all cash, credit cards, and eftpos transactions. Can you tell us how much you spent on the following:

* 18. If you could say one thing to the festival organisers what would it be?

* 19. If you are a local to Portarlington, the Bellarine Peninsula or Geelong region we would be interested if you agree or disagree with the following statements. Use a 1-5 scale, where 1 is 'I strongly disagree with this' and 5 'I strongly agree with this'

  1 2 3 4 5
The National Celtic Festival helps make Portarlington and the Geelong Region a more enjoyable place to live.
The National Celtic Festival is an important event in Portarlington and the Bellarine Peninsula
The National Celtic Festival enhances the Geelong Regions reputation as a place of major events
The National Celtic Festival makes me proud to live in Portarlington / Bellarnine Peninsula
The National Celtic Festival creates a buzz and vibrancy around Portarlington in the winter.
The National Celtic Festival is a major economic driver in the winter months in Portarlington/Bellarine Peninsula
The National Celtic Festival is a popular event and is positively embraced by the Portarlington community
The City of Greater Geelong should continue to financially support the National Celtic Festival
The City of Greater Geelong should increase its financial support of the National Celtic Festival

* 20. Who did you recognise as festival partners/sponsors of the National Celtic Festival?

* 21. Finally, how can we make the 2018 National Celtic Festival, the best yet!

* 22. If you wish to enter the competition to win 2 weekend passes to the 2018 National Celtic Festival please provide your contact information. Winners will be notified two weeks after the survey closes on the 16th July..