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Please complete this application for an ASA Standing Committee leadership position.

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* 6. Committee leaders are expected to attend quarterly meetings (via conference call) and attend at least one CG/Committee meeting at the annual conference during their two-year tenure. Can you commit to this expectation?

[Terms begin at the 2018 conference, therefore the expectation would be to participate in person in at least two of the next three meetings: 2018, 2019 or 2020]

* 7. By checking the box below, I understand that the term for which I am applying will begin in March 2018 and conclude March 2020.

* 8. By checking the box below, I understand ASA is not able to reimburse for travel and lodging expenses related to participation on a committee.

* 9. I understand that in order to apply for ASA Standing Committee service I must be a current member of ASA and furthermore I must maintain my membership for the duration of my term if appointed.