Thank you for your interest in presenting at Influence 2019! We are programming Influence for the Working Professional Speaker, those individuals who are running a sustainable business and derive most of their income from speaking or related business, and we expect the content to be at industry standard for excellence.

Influence 2019 will draw focus to five core tracks: Platform Skills, Sales, Social Media, Learning Systems and Publishing. When completing this form you will have the opportunity to share how your proposed session aligns with one of the core tracks.

Elevate Your Performance Results
In the Platform Skills Track, our presenters will unveil the secrets of preparing and executing world-class speeches and performances. You will gain a tactical understanding of advanced storytelling, incorporating humor, perfecting platform skills, and enhancing visual aids.
Securing More Business
In the Sales Track, you will learn the secrets to sell and close more dates. You’ll find out what’s hot, what’s not, and most importantly, how to use this knowledge to level-up your business 10x. Learn new ways to approach prospects, hook them quickly, and close the sale.
Expand Your Social Influence
The Social Media Track will show you how to transform your business through building and growing your social media presence, and not waste your time doing it. This track tackles topics ranging from which platforms are right for your business to monetizing and generating revenue from followers and engagement. Regardless of your expertise level, this track will help you gain the knowledge to build, grow, and maximize your social reach.

Grow Your E-Learning Impact
Online learning systems have quietly become the key to exponentially growing many speakers’ passive income by taking their clients from “WHAT” to do to “HOW.” Whether you want to create a new system, or you want to grow and monetize your existing system at a higher level, the Learning Systems Track is designed to help you do just that. This track will take you through sales funnels, membership sites, creating your value ladder, and much more.
Publish Like A Pro
The book publishing business is transforming, are you? Taught by certified best-selling authors, book agents, and publishers, the Publishing Track is designed to transform your writing style, writing career, and writing income, plus leverage the books you’ve already written. 

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