Thank you for your interest in providing professional development to the membership of the National Association for Music Education. Please take a moment to view this 20 minute video explaining the webinar proposal and production process.   In this survey you will be asked several questions to ensure we have as much information as possible for the Professional Development Committee. This should only take about 20 minutes to complete. All webinar submissions will be peer reviewed before being accepted and produced.  Please take some time to collect the following information before beginning the survey.

NAfME member ID number (if applicable), contact information, target demographic, content topic, 50-100 word author biography, social media/personal blog links, title of webinar, a short description of the webinar (100 words max), co-presenter information (if applicable), 5 multiple choice/true false questions and answer options covered in your webinar.
Your proposal will be scored (1-5) in the following areas:
          1. Webinar proposal is well defined, organized, and provides a clear learning objective for the topic presented.
          2. Webinar proposal provides questions based on the content which tests knowledge and provides a checking for understanding
          3. The webinar proposal provides a unique and interesting topic not usually offered in the typical conference session or workshop setting.
          4. The webinar proposal topic will be presented by a NAfME member and is based on proven and applied instructional practices or supported by music education research.