Purpose of the survey

The purpose of this survey is to understand how services for allergic conditions are currently being delivered and accessed across Australia. It is part of a broader consultation process to consider whether a shared care model for allergic conditions might help to improve consumer access to care and improve the quality of that care.

The National Allergy Strategy describes a shared care model as a patient centred approach to care that uses the skills and knowledge of a range of health professionals (specialist, GP, dietitian, pharmacist, psychologist etc) who share joint responsibility with the patient ensuring the patient receives the right care, at the right time, from the right health professional(s), in the right place.

Improving access to care through a shared care model must not be at the expense of being able to access the best and/or most appropriate care. Ensuring safety and quality standards for primary health care (e.g. health care provided by GPs and nurse practitioners) by using appropriate training and clearly defined referral pathways will help to ensure optimal care is maintained. Patients and consumers must be at the centre of everything we do.

This survey is a snapshot to gather baseline information and is not intended to cover all aspects of a shared care model. The short background document aims to help you to understand what the National Allergy Strategy is trying to achieve, and it is suggested that you read this before completing the survey. You may also find the glossary helpful as you complete the survey.

3% of survey complete.