1. Nurse&AHP membership  survey

We are interested as a society in the views of both our members and potential  members on  what membership  means to  you and how we can  improve what we do. Your answers will help inform how we plan Nurse & Allied Health Professional activities going forwards. All information will remain anonymous.
Carole Boulanger, Chair N&AHP ESICM

* 3. Gender

* 4. Do you work in a Hospital?

* 5. If yes, which hospital do you work at?

* 6. Hospital Type

* 9. Years of experience in ICU

* 10. Post registration training in ICU

* 11. If Yes

* 12. Job title

* 13. Regarding your work activity is the majority of your time spent in the following ? Rank in order of highest priority for your role

* 14. Hours per week

* 15. Average income –in Euros (netto per annum)

* 16. Membership of other organizations : indicate as appropriate

* 17. Are you a member of ESICM?