Welcome to the Freezer Challenge Score Sheet!

It's time to share all of the great work you've done over the past few months to implement cold storage management best practices in your lab.  Any data you enter into this score sheet will count toward your institution's overall score in the competition, and will be used to score your lab against other participants. Please remember this challenge is based on the honor system.  The Freezer Challenge organizing committee retains the right to review score sheets for accuracy prior to distributing the awards, and only completed score sheets will be included in the competition.

Please note that you may access this score sheet as many times as you like before May 1st, but your responses will only be saved if you click the 'next' or 'previous' buttons at the bottom of the page.  Clicking 'done' or 'submit' will submit your score sheet; if you accidentally submit the score sheet before it's completed please email us and we will send you a new link.
We hope this was a valuable learning experience.  At the end of the competition we will share with you the approximate amount of energy you saved as a result of participating in the Freezer Challenge.

Good luck!

-My Green Lab and I2SL