Please complete the following information so that we may properly review and investigate your complaint. The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts® (NACVA®) is a highly professional organization, and we view our obligation to our profession, or members and the public as being critical to the long-term success of our profession. All matters and names of individuals put before the Ethics Oversight Board (EOB) or the Executive Advisory Board (EAB) shall be kept in strict confidence. 

Important Note: The EOB has an obligation to investigate all allegations of potential violation(s) of ethical or professional standards. Once you submit your complaint to the EOB it cannot be withdrawn by either party.

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* Is this matter/case currently involved in any form of litigation? 
If so, this Board cannot consider a complaint until the matter has been resolved. At that time, you may file a complaint, if applicable.

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Please describe in detail why you believe this member is in violation of NACVA’s Professional Standards (We do not investigate fee
disputes.). In your description, please identify specific problems with the member’s report (found to be in violation).

Identify which Standards have been violated (for example, 3.7 Valuation Approaches and Methods, 3.11 Capitalization/Discount Rate, 4.3.b.(1) Reporting Standards—Detailed Reports, Non-operating assets and liabilities, etc.). Note: If/When the litigation engagement is subject to discovery and/or cross-examination, NACVA’s Reporting Standards do not apply. Click on the following link to refer to NACVA’s Professional Standards.

You must identify (mark/label) the specific page number(s) in the report and/or exhibits, and (highlight/underline) where each
violation exists within the report. This level of detail will greatly assist the Board in reviewing your Case and in their investigation of this Complaint (attach file with additional pages below as necessary).

* Violation detail:

* Violation detail:

* Violation detail:

* Attach file with violations, report, and/or exhibits if necessary, to fully describe your case. Please provide complete documentation that will assist the Board in determining whether an investigation is warranted.

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You must familiarize yourself with NACVA’s Ethics Policies and Procedures. The purpose for this is to advise you of the process should your Case warrant an investigation. Any action taken by the Ethics Oversight Board could potentially take several months due to the Board’s limited meeting schedule. You will not receive updates during the investigation. You will, however, receive a final closing letter of determination.

* Attestation: I hereby attest that the information provided above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I grant NACVA the right to verify and investigate any of the information provided.

* Your electronic signature will authorize the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) to confirm the above information via e-mail and/or fax, if necessary, and authorize NACVA to use either medium for future communication. NACVA will not disclose or share this information with third parties to secure confidentiality.
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