This survey (13 questions) is intended to draw on and further develop ideas discussed at the McGuinness Institute's event Revisiting Tomorrow: Navigating with Foresight. The event considered the legacy of the Commission for the Future (CFF) and New Zealand Planning Council (NZPC), held on 30 October 2019 as part of the Institute's Project ForesightNZ.

Responses to this survey will be used to develop a think piece, to be published in 2020, considering how a new foresight unit or organisation might be developed for New Zealand. Responses will also be used to help shape future events held by the Institute. 

Note: In this survey, the term 'foresight' refers to the process of exploring New Zealand's long-term possible futures.  

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* 2. In what capacity are you primarily answering this survey?

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* 3. Did you attend the Revisiting Tomorrow event (30 October 2019) hosted by the McGuinness Institute at the National Library?

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* 4. What level of awareness do you have of the Commission of the Future (CFF) 1977–1982 and the New Zealand Planning Council (NZPC) 1978–1991?

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