Nomination Deadline: March 22, 2024

The Digital Transformation Awards recognize companies and organizations that embrace digital tools and systems in ways that fundamentally reshape their organization and the customer experience they deliver. Awards will be handed out virtually in five categories at the 2024 ITWC Digital Transformation Conference, June 5-6. Please choose the category that most closely applies to your situation.

Large Private Sector
This award recognizes excellence in digital transformation among Canadian businesses employing more than 500 people.

Small to Mid-Size Private Sector
This award will be presented for creating a positive transformation within a small to medium-sized business (with fewer than 500 employees). Disruptive start-ups fundamentally challenging business models in their sectors will also be eligible for this award.

Large Public Sector
Large public organizations such as hospitals, academic institutions, government departments and large municipalities are fertile ground for digital transformation. This award will recognize excellence among public sector organizations employing more than 500 people.

Small Public Sector/Not-for-Profit
Public sector organizations such as municipalities, universities, school boards and hospitals that have demonstrated excellence in digital transformation qualify for this award. Not-for-profit organizations will also be recognized in this category.

Digital Disruptor
The awards recognize an organization that has significantly disrupted the market, or has transformed it, through the specific use of artificial intelligence, deep learning , blockchain or any other emerging technology.

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2. Who are you nominating?

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3. Enter your information.

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4. Digital transformation involves an element of risk. Provide a description of the nominated company prior to transformation and describe the risks and circumstances driving the need and/or want for the transformation. (100-200 words)

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5. A clear and coherent digital strategy is imperative to digital transformation. How did the nominated company develop and communicate their digital strategy? Please be sure to describe the change in business model as well as the technology implemented. (100-200 words)

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6. In order to drive transformation, a company needs the fuel of a strong culture and team. How did the nominated company reimagine its culture and leadership to foster the transformation? (100-200 words)

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7. Digital transformation is synonymous with driving substantial growth in customer base and/or revenue. What impact did the transformation make internally? KPI’s and metrics are recommended. What impact did the transformation have externally on the customer experience? (100-200 words)

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