The 2017 STEM Guitar Summer Institute is funded through a National Science Foundation NSF project; LEAD with GUITARS in STEM - ATE DUE #1304405. This project is designed to help faculty increase their students' interest and engagement in the study of and learning of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) principles, practices, and careers through guitar design and building. The 2017 Summer Institute is open to all STEM subject area educators, primarily focused in the 9-12 High school grade level, community college levels and freshman/sophomore university instruction. Participants selected for this summer’s institute will join the existing cohort of STEM Guitar Institute Fellows. The Institute Fellows are made up of educators from around the country who are teaching their STEM content using the guitar as a focus. The Fellows contribute to the project’s curriculum and assessment and help each other with project implementation.

If you are interested in participating in one of this summer’s institutes and becoming a STEM Guitar Institute Fellow, please fill out and submit this application form. In addition to this form, for our application to be considered “complete”, download and complete the “Participation Agreement” and send this as a pdf attachment via email to:

Priority selection for all 2017 Summer Institutes (those that will be held in June to August 2017) will be on March 1, 2017. Award letters for ALL SUMMER Institute Fellows will be sent starting March 21, 2017 or until the institute fellowship slots are filled. All Institute Fellows will receive resource materials and financial incentives. Fellows will have access to the project’s STEM curriculum, which are aligned to the Common Core and Next Gen Science standards using guitar building concepts. The curriculum materials are self-contained including instructor resources, training videos, quizzes/assessments and other valuable references. Also, each Fellow will receive lunch (or an allowance will be included in the stipend) every day, a stipend of $250 to help cover out of pocket expenses for the Institute, as well as the custom electric guitar built during the five-day institute. The Institute fellows will be asked to develop a Modular Learning Activity (MLA), and complete other post-Institute follow-up activities. A kickoff webinar in May 2017 will be a required attendance/ viewing item for selected participants. All links to the online surveys will be provided. Fellows will facilitate distribution and collection of student consent, assent, (and/or waivers), as well as parent consent forms.

NOTE: Please note that you need to submit your STEM Guitar Participation Agreement 2017 to and complete this online application form for your Institute application to be considered complete. 

Email contact for Questions: or

Wait List applications will be reviewed around April 22, 2017 -  A Webinar will be held May 5 for selected applicants.

* 1. What is your first name?

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* 4. What is your highest level of education?

* 5. What is your ethnicity?

* 6. What is your permanent email address?

* 7. Your summer email address. Write "same" if it is the same as your permanent email address.

* 8. We may need to contact you for follow-up and other communication.  Please write your cell phone number.

* 9. Please write your home mailing address.

* 10. Have you or anyone from your school attended a guitar building institute in the past?

* 11. Which Institute are you applying for?

* 12. How did you hear about LEAD GUITARS in STEM (Check all that apply.)

* 13. What is your job title?

* 14. What grade levels does your school building teach?

* 15. What grade levels do you teach? (Choose all that apply.)

* 16. School name:

* 17. School District:

* 18. School building Street Address

* 19. City

* 20. Zip code:

* 22. What is the approximate size (number) of your school enrollment?

* 23. For K-12 schools, based on your school data, what the percentage of your student is receiving free and reduced lunches? Choose "NA" if you are representing a college or a university.

* 24. What percentage of your student body is comprised of underrepresented population?

Explanation of underrepresented populations in STEM areas: ( Women, persons with disabilities, African Americans/Blacks, Hispanic Americans, American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, Native Pacific Islanders, and persons from economically disadvantaged backgrounds have been historically underrepresented and underserved in various fields of science and engineering across all levels – from preK-12 to long-term workforce participation.)

* 25. What subjects will you be teaching in the upcoming school year? (Choose all that apply.)

* 26. How many potential students (total number in all classes) will you teach in the coming school year?

* 27. Describe how you have (or how you would) implement a hands-on activity in your classroom.

* 28. Do you have access to a woodworking space in your school? (This is NOT a selection requirement.)

* 29. If awarded, will you commit to all five days of the Institute, as well as pre and post activities? (Pre and post activities will be fulfilled online)

* 30. As a GBI Alumni and potential Guitar Building Fellow, you are expected to contribute to the program/project in various ways. How sure are you that you will be doing the following online pre and post activities AFTER the STEM Guitar Institute?

  Very sure Sure Likely Not sure Don't know
Integrating at least one MLA into my class curriculum.
Integrating at least two MLAs into my class curriculum.
Implementing at least one MLA and distributing the corresponding pre-post Quia quizzes to my classes.
Implementing at least two MLAs and distributing the corresponding pre-post Quia quizzes to my classes.
Developing at least one MLA with the corresponding pre-post quizzes and uploading these to the project website.
Developing at least two MLAs with corresponding pre-post quizzes and uploading these to the project website.
Facilitating distribution and collection of student consent, assent and/or waivers (as needed), as well as parent consent forms.
Facilitating/coordinating my students' taking the pre-post attitudes/self-efficacy surveys.
Completing the Teacher Follow-up Implementation Retrospective Survey.
Submitting/uploading my project implementation activities and evidence (such as implementation pictures, publicities and other documentation/dissemination

* 31. If awarded, what barriers that you need to overcome do you foresee in implementing the STEM Guitar project curriculum in your classroom?

* 32. How do you think would the project team help you in overcoming this/these barrier(s): How can the project team best support the implementation of this curriculum in your classroom?

* 33. Additional comments or information you want to share (optional).

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