Thank you for your interest in the Low Back Pain EMR Tool developed by The Centre for Effective Practice (CEP) in collaboration with the eHealth Centre of Excellence.

The Low Back Pain EMR Tool has the following benefits:
  1. Integration of identification of the mechanical patterns for low back pain into patient history questions.
  2. Revised psychosocial yellow flags section, which includes questions and hints for providers to help identify patients who are at higher risk for developing chronicity.
  3. Management Matrix with suggestions for initial management based on the pain patterns of low back pain.
The best way to download the tool is from the eHealth Centre of Excellence Community website. This site connects you with the eHealth Centre of Excellence staff and other Ontario healthcare providers who are interested in digital health technologies.

The Community features a variety of functionalities, including:
  • Messaging for peer support
  • Knowledge base for self learning,
  • Easy access to the eHealth Centre of Excellence digital resources and tools (including the Low Back Pain EMR Tool!)
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