Sample - Partial Self Assessment

Please complete this self-evaluation of the current Board of Directors.  Complete anonymity will be maintained through this process.  Your honest responses will strengthen the Board as it seeks to fulfill the vision of your organization.

* 1. My position in the organization is

* 2. The Board as a body has a firm understanding of its role in the structure of the organization.

* 3. Each Board Member has a strong understanding of their roles and responsibilities in the governance of the organization.

* 4. I am aware of the organization's status under Federal and State law, and can describe the Board's role in this context.

* 5. The Board has a set of written policies that guide our actions.

* 6. Board Members are given reference materials and a thorough orientation.

* 7. I understand the employment relationship (contract) between the organization and the management executive.

* 8. The Board regularly reviews detailed financial reports.

* 9. I receive thorough guidance and explanations along with all financial reports.  

* 10. I get prompt answers to my inquiries from the staff.

* 11. I feel my commitment of time and energy is respected and appreciated. 

* 12. Board Meetings are run efficiently, giving all Board Members an opportunity to contribute.

   This sample represents a partial
           Board Self Assessment

* 13. Strategic Planning is a Board priority

* 14. The Board does not spend time and energy "putting out fires."

* 15. There is a strong sense of trust between the Board and the Executive / Staff.

* 16. The Board does a good job managing and using input from standing and ad hoc committees

* 17. I believe the diversity of the Board adequately represents all stakeholders.

* 18. The Board receives unfiltered feedback directly from stakeholders through survey or other means.

* 19. The Board establishes reasonable goals and outcome-based metrics to assess staff performance. 

* 20. I believe the Board's vision for the future of this organization is rock solid.