Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. All publishers who complete the survey will receive an advance copy of the final report, The State of Digital Publishing in Canada 2017. If you complete the survey before March 20, 2018, you will also be entered into a draw for prizes that include tickets for BookNet’s Tech Forum in 2019, or a free copy of The Canadian Book Market 2017.

This study is intended for publishers who are selling books in Canada. All responses will be kept completely anonymous — data will only be released in aggregate form.

You can have a look at last year's study if you want to see how we use your data, The State of Digital Publishing in Canada 2016.

A couple of important points to note:

- All questions refer to the sale of books in Canada. So where we ask for a percentage of revenue, we’re looking for the percentage of your Canadian revenue.

- If you are a publisher that distributes titles for other firms, please include this data in your responses.

- We would like publishers to respond directly, rather than digital asset managers or distributors. If you are exclusively a digital asset manager or distributor, then please forward this survey to your clients.

- It’s fine if more than one person in your firm responds. If this occurs and any discrepancies arise in the responses, we will be in touch to clarify.

- The survey asks questions about both production and sales for digital content (ebooks, apps, and audiobooks) so you may want to make sure you have access to that information before beginning.