SCHOOL OF NURSING APPLICATION: 2018 Summer Student Nurse Externship - School of Nursing Application

Please complete the 2018 MS Summer Student Nurse Externship Program School of Nursing Application by entering your information into the fields below.

If you have questions, or if additional follow up is needed, please contact Robin Powell, Project Manager, MHA Health, Research, and Educational Foundation | | (601) 368.3321

Deadline to complete and submit this application: February 15, 2018. 

* 1. Identify the school of nursing that is applying to participate in the MS Student Nurse Externship Program.

* 2. Will your school of nursing offer a Summer Student Nurse Externship course during the Summer 2018 term?

* 3. What is the title of the course?

* 4. How many credit hours will be given for the course?

* 5. How many students can you admit to the course?

* 6. Provide the following information for the faculty serving as the primary contact person for the course. If your school offers the externship course from more than one site (campus), please provide a contact person's name for each site.

* 7. Did a school representative view one of the 2018 SUMMER STUDENT NURSE EXTERNSHIP WEBINAR (Informational held Jan 19 |  Newcomers held Feb 23)

* 8. Please send a copy of the course description and syllabus to Robin Powell, Project Manager for MHA Health, Research, and Educational Foundation If you have questions, and need Robin to follow up with you, please provide your contact information below.