Thank you for applying for a Head Coaches position with the Howard County Terps.  The Director of Football or Cheer will contact you about setting up and interview date.

* 1. Contact Information

* 3. Will you have a child registered with this program? If yes, what is their name, and what age group will they be playing in?

* 4. Please List your Coaching Experience. Please include names of organizations, number of years with each group, age groups coached at and any highlights you would like to share.

* 5. Please rate your knowledge of the following topics

  1 (Least Knowledge) 2 3 4 5 (Most Knowledge)
Skills and Strategies of the Sport
Rules of the Sport
Organizing Practices
Equipment Needs and Specifications
Injury Prevention and Treatment
Concussion and Player Safety Liability
Developing Sportsmanship
Communication Skills
Warm-up and Physical Conditioning Techniques
Working with Parents
Principles of Teaching Sport Skills
Time Management
MMYFCL Rules and Policies

* 6. Please explain why you would like to coach for the HC Terps

* 7. Please list any coach training you have received

* 8. Please list any other experience or skills that you would like to have considered

* 9. As a part of becoming a coach with the HC Terps, Howard County Recreation and Parks will run a full background check on you. Do you accept this as a term of your coaching requirements?