Hello May in Motioners! Don't forget that you need to register for May in Motion if your going to attend the luncheon. Once you have registered for both you will receive your wonderful Oliver Russell May in Motion T-shirt (1 per company) and your fabulous Incentive items. So click that button and register.

It's that time of year...May in Motion!

ACHD Commuteride challenges you and your organization to become  a Smart Transportation Roll Model.

A Smart Transportation Roll Model promotes smart commuting options to their employees through fun competitions, prizes, and educational events. By participating in May in Motion, you and your employees reap the rewards of thinking outside the car. Not only will you have happier, healthier, and wealthier employees, your organization will be recognized throughout the Treasure Valley as a Smart Transportation Roll Model. 

During May in Motion, ACHD Commuteride provides assistance to capitalize on your organization’s potential. Assistance includes: conducting educational on-site events, providing prize items to incentivize employees, promoting competitions, and best practices. At the end of May in Motion, your organization is promoted as a sustainable leader and one of the best places to work in the Treasure Valley.

To participate in May in Motion 2017 please fill out the registration on the next page.