We want to hear from you!

We want our customers to have the best of both worlds -  the personalized service of a community bank along with the convenience of new technology.  Please take a short survey to let us the services you may be interested in using in the future.  This survey is confidential. 

* 1. Rank the importance of technology in your day to day life.

* 2. Check all of the services that you use today at ANY financial institution.

* 3. How likely are you to use the following services?

  I am unfamiliar or would not use this service  I already use this service I am interested in this service
Person to Person Payments (QuickPay)
Credit Monitoring App (Credit Karma)
Mobile Check Deposits
Mobile Debit Card Payments (Apple Pay)
Debit Card Monitoring (turn off card, payment alerts)
Real Time Mobile Phone Alerts
Online Loan Applications
Customer Service through Online Chat

* 4. Would you like to see UNION Savings BANK on social media like Facebook?

* 5. What is your age?

* 6. Check all of the following technologies that you use regularly.

* 7. The last time you visited a UNION Savings BANK Branch was

* 8. Optional: Share ideas for products or services you would consider using.