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Welcome to N4W Call for Proposals.

The Nature for Water (N4W) Facility is a partnership managed by The Nature Conservancy and Pegasys. The Facility is purpose-built to provide the gold standard in technical assistance for Nature-based Solutions, to help local organizations build out watershed investment programs. We provide a diverse international team featuring expertise in hydrology, GIS, ecology, governance, stakeholder engagement, finance, and project management to deliver effective hand-in-hand support throughout the watershed investment program lifecycle from program preparation to program implementation.

Our service offering includes a semi-annual Call for Proposals, where winners receive pro-bono technical assistance to advance their watershed investment program.

Water security is a global challenge. The water we use every day is directly dependent on the landscapes through which it flows, yet nearly half of global drinking water sources are significantly degraded. Compounding factors, such as population growth, climate change, and poor planning are only further exacerbating water insecurity. To tackle water insecurity, we urgently need to restore resilient, healthy watersheds, from where our water is sourced. Nature-based solutions for water security (NbS-WS) offer a promising path forward to address the twin crises of water and climate. NbS-WS are actions to protect, sustainably manage and restore natural or modified ecosystems that address water security challenges.
Watershed Investment Programs (WIPs) are initiatives designed to deliver water security benefits by deploying a defined portfolio of NbS interventions within a specified service area. However, organizing watershed investment programs is complex, interdisciplinary, and requires substantial expertise to be successful. This is where the Nature for Water Facility can help.

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