Invasive Species on ʔaq̓am Lands

Invasive species are an ongoing problem in the area. This survey will help us get an understanding of the community's knowledge of invasive species.

* 1. How would you rate your knowledge of invasive species? (If one star proceed to question 5)

* 2. Do you know what invasive species are currently on ʔaq̓am lands?

* 3. Are you negatively effected by invasive species on ʔaq̓am lands?

* 4. Invasive plants are treated using a variety of methods including:
-Physical strategies (Hand Weeding or Mowing)
-Cultural strategies (crop rotation and competing with the invasive species)
-Livestock Grazing (The Goat Project)
-Biological (Natural enemies of the weeds in their native environment) 
-Herbicides (Chemicals)
If Herbicides are the only option to reduce an Invasive species would you support the use of the chemicals (Herbicides)?

* 5. Did you know that ʔaq̓am will be hosting a Free Community Workshop on Invasive species on July 12th at 5:30 in the arbour, Would you like to participate?

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