Feedback, please!

The Concord Consortium has been pleased to offer the Molecular Workbench “My MW Space” online portal for many years -- several years past the original National Science Foundation funding, in fact!

Unfortunately, we recently experienced a problem with the MW Webspace server. Because of the age of the underlying software, it would take considerable resources to bring back all the services at the level of stability and security we expect to offer. As a result, we have restored the core Molecular Workbench resources, but not MW Space (e.g., the online features that allow instructors to create classes and upload models and activities).

The downloadable Molecular Workbench model and activity software ( is still -- and, we hope, will continue to be for a very long time! -- available for free.

We appreciate that the MW Space has been valuable to some of you and want to hear from you. If you’d like to tell us about how you’ve been using MW Space, please respond to the very short survey below by January 31. This will help us evaluate how our other resources may meet your needs, and how we can make those available to you.

* 1. Did you or your students use Molecular Workbench’s MW Space this school year?

* 2. When did you last use MW Space?

* 3. Which of the features of MW Space did you use?

* 4. Is there a model or activity you’ve uploaded to MW Space that is invaluable to your teaching? If so, let us know the model/activity name, model/activity file name/URL (if you have a note of it), your name, and your email address. (We can’t make any promises, but we’re evaluating options to continue making those models available to you online.)

* 5. Have you used Next-Generation MW models or activities (

* 6. Please share any other feedback about MW My Space.

* 7. Email address.