Thank you for your interest in MyHealth Access Network. We are excited to get you on board and help you improve the health and quality of your patients. Outlined below are the steps to become a member of MyHealth Access Network.

1.Application for Membership
MyHealth Access Network was set up as a membership by the founding members to ensure organizations and individuals participating in the network met the high-security standards captured in the Network Policies. The application also helps the MyHealth team learn more about your organization helping to facilitate a fast and easy onboarding process. 

Once the application is completed it is submitted for review and approval to the Privacy and Security Committee, Operations Committee, and to the Board of Directors.

2. Participation Agreement
Once the application is reviewed and approved a member of the MyHealth team will provide your organization with a copy of the participation agreement and all supporting documents. There is a lot there but do not worry, or team is always available to walk you through the agreements and answer any questions or concerns you have.

All organizations in MyHealth Access Network must agree to the Terms & Conditions and Network Policies in order to participate. This helps to ensure the network maintains the high-security standards to protect your health information.

3. Onboarding
At MyHealth we strive to make onboarding as quick and easy as possible. This starts with an onboarding meeting where we will introduce the MyHealth team and review the onboarding plan. The meeting will cover topics such as data integrations, provide portal training, and analytics product training.

Thank you again for your interest in becoming a member of MyHealth Access Network. Please reach out with any questions or concerns to (918)236-3450 or

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