Help design the reinvention of Gilcrease Museum – a world-class museum for Tulsa, by Tulsa. With funding through the Vision Tulsa bond package passed by voters in 2016, Gilcrease Museum will undergo a major renovation. But construction changes won’t be the only thing new at Gilcrease. We are gathering community input on programming, exhibitions, events and more to ensure Gilcrease continues to be the museum Tulsans dream it can be.  

Please be assured your responses are anonymous and confidential. The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes. We value your input and appreciate your willingness to help.

* 1. Which option best describes your relationship to Gilcrease Museum?

* 2. How many times have you visited Gilcrease Museum in the past 3 years?

* 3. Please choose, in order, the top five attractions or attributes of a local museum:

  1 2 3 4 5
Exhibitions based on the permanent collections (works owned by the museum)
Art/Traveling exhibitions from other places
Opportunities to use interactive elements in exhibitions
Multi-faceted events or festivals (ex. Family Days and After Hours)
Performances – music, theatre, dance, poetry readings
Adult programs
Children’s programs
Family/Intergenerational programs
Activities for school visits
Socially engaged events
Grounds tours or visits
Evening hours
Member-only events
Gilcrease Restaurant
Discounted or free admission days

* 4. Gilcrease Museum has developed a number of educational and community programs. Please select those you are most likely to attend:

* 5. What kinds of programs would make you want to travel to an expanded Gilcrease Museum?

* 6. What kinds of exhibitions and programs have you seen elsewhere that you would like to see at an expanded Gilcrease Museum?

* 7. Select your level of interest in the following at Gilcrease Museum over the next five years:

  Very interested Moderately interested Little to no interest
Large, nationally recognized exhibitions from other parts of the country & world
Exhibitions from the Gilcrease collection
Exhibitions highlighting local and regional artists and collectors
Increased amount of information accessible in the galleries (gallery guides, text panels, information about individual artworks)
More hands-on activities and interactive elements in the galleries.
Increased use of technology for personalized visitor experiences (interactive stations, cell phone tours or tablet-based explorations)
Opportunities for outdoor recreation
Festivals and large cultural programs
Increased programming for families
Increased amount of programming for youth
Increased amount of programming for young adults
Open later hours at the museum

* 8. Gilcrease Museum is currently open Tuesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. If the museum remained open for extended hours, which evening would you be most likely to visit the museum?

* 9. What would cause you to be more interested in visiting Gilcrease Museum more often?

* 10. Are you a resident of the Tulsa, Okla. metro area?