*Por favor contacte a Fernanda Roveri por teléfono (831-242-8788) o correo electrónico ( para solicitar la encuesta en español.

The purpose of this survey is to receive your feedback on how Monterey should adjust or protect its transportation network to prepare for sea level rise. This survey will present the different alternatives that are being considered, and you will be able to choose which alternatives you prefer.

This survey is expected to take around 30-40 minutes, and we highly recommend that you take this survey on a computer or laptop so you can refer to the interactive map that has been provided below. Please note, the online map allows you to view locations, multiple illustrations, and read detailed descriptions of the survey options.

Your answers to this survey will be recorded anonymously.

For questions and concerns please contact Fernanda Roveri at:

Phone: (831) 242-8788

Please refer to the following links for more information on the Adaptation Plan

City of Monterey Planning Department

Adaptation Alternatives Interactive Map