Missoula Connect, our region’s long-range transportation plan, will include projects and programs for the next 30 years. After almost a year of work that builds on community values and feedback, we have developed three transportation scenarios for your review. The scenarios combine different projects to help us meet the Missoula Connect goals.

Scenarios include trail improvements, complete streets projects for all modes of transportation, greenways and shared-use paths, road improvements, new bridges and crossings, and intersection safety projects. Our three scenarios—New Connections, Enhanced Connections, and Regional Equity—have been matched with two different approaches to growth and evaluated against our project goals.

The MPO will choose one scenario to shape the final long-range transportation plan. Our recommended scenario might be one of the three on the next few pages or it might use a mix-and-match approach to combine the very best projects. We need your input to decide which scenario is the best for our region.

This survey will walk you through the three scenarios and their projects. After each scenario, we’ll ask you a couple of questions about how well it meets your needs. If you’d like more information about the scenarios and our analysis, you can visit the Missoula Connect website or watch this short video. You can also explore all the projects in each scenario by using our interactive map.

If you’re ready to share your feedback now, click “Next” and let’s get started!
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