Welcome to Our New Study

Thank you for joining this MiraKind study.  We do need you to participate if you are a woman over the age of 35, regardless if you have had cancer or not, know your KRAS-variant status or not, or have taken HRT or not!

As you likely know, there is ongoing controversy over the impact of hormones, and especially hormone replacement therapy (HRT) on breast cancer risk, with some studies showing that HRT increases the risk of breast cancer, while others showing that HRT decreases the risk of breast cancer.  While many things are unclear, what is clear is that we need solid information to help guide this very important decision in women's health! 

We have previously shown that a novel DNA biomarker, called the KRAS-variant, identifies women that have decreased aggressive breast cancer risk if they stay on HRT.  The goal of this study is to further validate and understand these findings, as well as to find new biomarkers, which can identify women who are at lower or higher risk of breast cancer with HRT use or hormone changes.  This will personalize the decision for or against HRT. 

To join this study all that you need to do is take this survey and complete an order form. Then we will send you a DNA collection swab for a sample.  You can get your results at cost if you are interested in them, by participating in this study. Please know that all information from this study is confidential, will be secure and protected, and will never be shared with anyone outside its use for this specific study.