Welcome to Our HRT Study

Thank you for joining this MiraKind study.  As you likely know, there is ongoing controversy over the impact of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) on breast cancer risk, with some studies showing that HRT increases the risk of breast cancer, while others show that HRT decreases the risk of breast cancer.  While many things are unclear, what is clear is that we need more concrete information to help guide this very important decision in women's health. 

We have previously shown that a novel DNA biomarker, called the KRAS-variant, identifies women for whom continuing HRT decreases their risk of aggressive breast cancer.  The KRAS-variant is found in 6-10% of women, and 23% of women with aggressive breast cancer.

The goal of this study is to further validate and investigate these findings for women with the KRAS-variant, as well as to find new biomarkers, like the KRAS-variant, which can help give additional information to personalize the decision for or against HRT.  We will ask you questions about your estrogen exposures, and supply a DNA collection swab for a sample if we do not yet have your sample.  Please know that all information from this study is confidential, will be secure and protected, and will never be shared with anyone outside its use for this specific study.