Town of Midland Service Delivery Review

The Town of Midland is undertaking a Service Delivery Review with the goal of identifying opportunities to improve overall services delivered to the public.
Through this survey, the Town desires to assess public expectations, satisfaction with existing services and possible changes in the future.  The results will assist the Town to identify specific areas for further review. 

While the Town wants to understand the views of the community on economic, social and environmental issues, the focus of this survey is on Town delivered services.
Therefore, services provided by the federal provincial governments as well as Simcoe County, (eg. waste management) are not covered. As well, services managed by their own Board, Library and Police Services are out of scope of the review. 
Thank you for participating in this important survey.  Your feedback is essential to the success of this review.

* 1. Do you live in the Town of Midland?

* 2. If you are a resident in Midland, are you a permanent or seasonal?

* 3. Please indicate your age range.

* 4. If applicable, how long have you owned property or lived in the Town of Midland?

* 5. Do you own property or rent in Midland (check all that apply)?

* 6. Given the programs and services offered by the Town of Midland, how would you rate the value you are receiving from your tax dollars?

* 7. What is the most important quality or feature of the Town of Midland that make it attractive to live (check one) ?

* 8. What is the greatest challenge that prevents the Town of Midland from being the most livable in the area/County (check one)?

* 9. How satisfied are you with the Town's reporting and explanation of how they spend your tax dollars?

* 10. When you think about the challenge of governing and managing the Town of Midland, what would you consider to be the primary focus for future improvements?

* 11. The Town is considering  additional online services.  Of the services below, indicate the likelihood of utilizing these online services.

  Very likely Likely Not likely Will not use
Online property tax payment
Online payments for user fees (eg. utilities, transit, permits, fines)
Online applications (planning, building, fire)
Complaint submissions
Registration for programs/Facility booking

* 12. The Town is considering  moving to paperless services.  Of the services below, indicate the likelihood that you would move to paperless services.

  Very likely Likely Not likely Will not use
Electronic billing  - property taxes
Electronic billing - utilities
Electronic billing and production for permits and licenses (planning, building, fire, dog tags)

* 13. To what degree do you agree with the following statement: Midland is a business friendly community.

* 14. The Town of Midland's Council Strategic Plan focuses on several key priority areas. Please tell us how important each of the following priorities are to you.

  High Importance Moderate Importance Low Importance
Fiscal Responsibility & Cost Containment
Organizational Excellence
Economic Development & Tourism
A Healthy Sustainable Community
Develop Partnerships, Promote Collaboration & Alignment

* 15. Thinking about the ease of travelling within Midland, which one of the following would you most prefer the Town make its top priority?

* 16. On Transit: Did you or any member of your family use the Transit system in the past year (excluding the Community Reach Accessible Transit)?

* 17. How important is having a public transit system for Midland?

* 18. Thinking about recreation services, which one of the following would you most prefer the Town make its top priority?

* 19. Thinking about Midland’s economic growth, which one of the following would you like to see the Town make its top priority?

* 20. Please indicate for each service below indicate if you feel the service should be enhanced, maintained, reduced or discontinued. 

  Enhance Maintain Reduce Discontinue Undecided
Parking Enforcement
Animal Control and Care of Animals
Property Standards (ie. Duty to Repair and Maintain Property)
Municipal By-Law Enforcement (eg. noise, permits)

* 21. If you accessed our website at how easy was it to find what you were looking for?

* 22. What method of communication do you use to keep informed about Town business (check your top choice)?

* 23. How do you feel the Town of Midland could improve it's communications with the public?

* 24. In the past two years, have you contacted the Town of Midland?  If so, which method of contact did you use (check the last method)?

* 25. What was/were the primary reason(s) you contacted the Town (check all that apply)?

* 26. And thinking about the most recent contact you had with the Town of Midland, overall,  how satisfied were you with the service that you received?

* 27. The Town is considering alternative methods for municipal election voting mechanisms (such as telephone,  internet or online voting).

Would having the additional option to cast your ballot with these alternatives increase the likelihood that you would vote in municipal elections?

* 28. Please provide any suggestions would you make to improve Town services or programs.