Welcome!  Metra is assessing its fare structure and the types of tickets it offers.  We seek comments from our riders and potential riders.

The majority of riders use Metra to get to and from downtown Chicago during rush hour, although plenty of other types of trips happen.  Some riders use Metra to travel on the weekend, commute to jobs in the suburbs, and travel to and from special events during the early afternoon and late evening.  Despite the varying levels of demand at different times of day, Metra’s current fare structure does not allow for the flexibility to price trips differently.  

Metra is considering the following changes:

-          Creating a Day Pass to promote ridership

-          Offering discounts for riding during non-rush hour (off-peak) times

-          Creating a unique fare zone for downtown stations

-          Merging the outermost fare zones to simplify the fare structure

-          Addressing pricing inconsistencies due to indirect track configurations

-          Standardizing incremental fare zone charges to simplify fares

Please take the time to read the brief summaries of these recommendations and provide feedback.  Your answers may shape how Metra changes its fares.  This survey will take approximately 10 minutes.
7% of survey complete.