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Associations Forum is Australia’s major network of associations, providing information, education and advice to assist membership organisations achieve their mission.

We seek your involvement in this survey of membership and the services provided by not-for-profit member based organisations. Your participation will benefit your organisation and other associations by providing benchmarks for your member services, growth and retention rates.

This survey should take you approximately 10 minutes to complete. All contributions will be kept confidential and only aggregate results will be published (person and organisation name are asked for de-duplication purposes).

An article on the results of the survey (without mentioning any association) will be published in a forthcoming edition of our print and digital magazine, ASSOCIATIONS.

The full report will be sent to participants after the report is collated. 

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* 1. Name and position of person completing the survey

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* 2. Full name of your not-for-profit organisation

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* 3. Email address of the person completing the survey