Survey No. 1

The City of McCook (the City) is embarking on an aquatics Master Plan. The master plan will analyze the condition and usage of the current aquatics facility and program. Additionally, the master plan process will explore potential modifications, upgrades and/or replacement to the aquatic facility and system.

To achieve these goals the City is requesting your feedback regarding your usage and experience(s) with the current McCook outdoor swimming pool.

We greatly appreciate your time and input. Your feedback is critical input for the successful completion of this Master Plan. Completion of this survey should take approximately 5 minutes.

Tells us where you splash, swim and dive!

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* 1. When do you and/or your household frequent the McCook outdoor swimming pool?

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* 2. Rank in order of most to least important the reasons you and/or your household visit the McCook outdoor swimming pool.

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* 3. How often do you or members of your family swim at the McCook outdoor swimming pool?

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