Welcome to Mbed Developer Survey 2019!

Hi, Mbed developers!

This is our third year of running the Mbed Developer Survey. Your feedback from the past two years was invaluable and has had a direct impact on our roadmap. This has resulted in Mbed Studio, our desktop development platform, and the expansion of our Mbed Enabled program to include mass production modules.

We’re keen to continue improving our products and services. Your insight is very important to us, so please take 10 mins to fill out this survey. In return, we will be holding a prize draw for the first time for those who complete the survey. We’ll be giving away USD$100 Visa gift cards (or equal value Amazon gift cards) to five winners. The results of the prize draw will be announced on September 23 2019.

As in the past two years, we will publish the survey results on our website to give you an insight into how fellow developers around the world are using Mbed.

Thank you for your help,
The Arm Mbed team

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* 1. How long have you been using Mbed?

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* 2. Which Mbed OS version are you using on your main Mbed project?

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* 3. What best describes YOU based on the work you do with Mbed?

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