In the Sustainability Academy’s 8-week Master Compost and Solid Waste Course, participants will learn the ins and outs of backyard and vermi (worm) composting through in-class discussion and hands-on activities. You’ll also learn about how solid waste is managed in San Mateo County. Specific information that will be covered include:

(1) In-depth knowledge of backyard and vermi (worm) composting;
(2) An understanding of soil biodiversity and all the benefits of adding compost to your soil;
(3) An overview of solid waste reduction management and practices; and
(4) Communication, leadership, and instruction skills you can use to educate others how to compost.

Date: Mondays starting Oct 16th to Dec 11th, 2017 (excluding Thanksgiving week)
Time: 5:45 pm to 9:15 pm
Location: Shoreway Environmental Center, 333 Shoreway Rd, San Carlos

Important Course Elements:

(1) Within one year of the completion of the course, we require participants to volunteer 40 hours of their time using the skills that they learned in the class to promote sustainability in their communities.

(2) Participants get a choice of taking home a backyard or vermicomposting unit at the end of the 8-week course!

(3) Participants that attend at least seven out of eight of the course's classes will receive select composting accessories (e.g., turning fork, compost thermometer, or worms).

(4) Priority to participate in the course will be given to San Mateo County community members, specifically those who live, work and go to school in San Mateo County.

(5) If you are interested in participating in this Master Course, please fill out and submit the below application information. The Academy's Coordinator will contact you soon after reviewing your application and eligibility for the course.
For additional information:
If you have any questions, please contact the Academy's Coordinator: or 888.442.2666
Thank you!

* 1. Your name:

* 2. Your email address:

* 3. Your phone number:

* 4. Your city of residence:

* 5. City where you work (if applicable) (if not applicable, please put NA):

* 6. City where you go to school (if applicable) (it not applicable, please put NA):

* 7. Please explain in detail why you are interested in enrolling in the Sustainability Academy’s Master Compost and Solid Waste Course, and how you think you will benefit from participating in this course.

* 8. Do you have any composting (backyard or vermicomposting) experience? If yes, can you briefly explain your experience?

* 9. This Master Course runs for eight weeks during Monday evenings this fall 2017 during these following dates:

Oct 16th
Oct 23rd
Oct 30th
Nov 6th
Nov 13th
Nov 27th
Dec 4th
Dec 11th

Note: There is no class during Thanksgiving week. 

Do you foresee any scheduling conflicts with any of these class dates?

* 10. In exchange for participating in this no-cost course, we are requiring our course participants to volunteer 40 hours within one year of the completion of the course to educate and share information about sustainability with their community members. Please describe in detail any experience you have in volunteering, if any. If you do not have volunteering experience, please describe a volunteer event/initiative that you would like to participate in.