1. Introduction

Thank you for your interest in applying for Marin Access. The information below will help you complete your application. Information provided in this application will be used to assess your eligibility for all Marin Access programs. You can sign up for all of the Marin Access programs that you qualify for.
Program Program Description(s) Eligibility Requirements Documentation Required
Marin Access Mobility Programs
  • Catch-A-Ride: Subsidized taxi program
  • STAR or TRIP: Volunteer driver reimbursement program
Eligible applicants must be residents of Marin County and meet one of the following criteria:
  • Age 65+
  • If under 65, be eligible for Marin Access paratransit
» Proof of age
» Proof of address

Documents that are typically used include: driver’s license, CA ID, military ID, passport, or a local utility bill. Document for proof of age must include a photo. 
Marin Access Fare Assistance Eligible riders will receive $75 of credit per quarter (3 month period) to use on local Paratransit trips within Marin County or Marin Access shuttle trips and will have the option of receiving a free pass to use on Marin Transit local bus service. Eligible applicants must:
Demonstrate eligibility for Medi-Cal; or
Demonstrate income that is at or below the current Elder Economic Index
» Proof of Medi-Cal eligibility (copy of card or eligibility letter); or
» Documented annual income through: three (3) recent paystubs, three (3) recent financial assistance documents, most recent tax return, or most recent year end social security statement
Marin Access Paratransit Pre-scheduled door-to-door bus transportation for persons with disabilities. Eligible riders can travel locally within Marin and regionally within Golden Gate Transit’s service area. Eligible applicants may also use paratransit services in other areas of the Bay Area and throughout the United States. Eligible applicants must be unable to independently use regular Marin Transit or Golden Gate Transit bus service some or all of the time. » Professional verification

Follow the steps below to complete your application.

1. Indicate which programs you would like to apply for. Provide full responses to all of the questions in this application. Digitally sign the completed application in Section III (if applicable) and Section V.

2. Submit the completed application and all required documentation to the Travel Navigator Department. Incomplete applications will not be processed. If you are submitting documents by US Mail, provide copies only, documents will not be returned. Remove or cross out all instances of your social security number, identification number, and / or account numbers on the documents that you provide.

3. For assistance completing this application, or to complete this application by phone, contact the Marin Access Travel Navigators at (415) 454-0902.

4. Allow up to 21 days for processing. Completion of this form does not amount to an eligibility determination.

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* For expanded mobility, we encourage you to apply for all programs that you meet the eligibility requirements for (see above). I would like to sign up for the following (select all that apply):

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