Thanks for visiting our Makerspace Name Survey

The Washington Public Library has plans underway to finish out about 3,000 square feet of space in the Library's lower level to create a community makerspace.   If you're not familiar with the term "makerspace" you might want to visit some of these links to learn more:

Thanks for helping us find the right name for this great new space!  In thinking about names, we’ve thought about what we’d like to convey. First, people should hear the name and have some sort of understanding of what is going on in that area, or they should at least be significantly intrigued about what “might” be going on to want to come and take a look. In addition, we want to suggest that users of this space will discover and grow new creative talents and skills. We also hope that the space will help create community and build connections here in Washington, that experienced users will mentor and help new users. Some things we’ve nixed: names that build on the “basement” theme, names that seem to point more to technology than to creativity and discovery. It’s been suggested that this should be a name where you could easily hear yourself saying: “I’m going to the [makerspace name]” or “I learned that at the [makerspace name]”