Please take a moment and read over the following information before beginning the application.

ATTENTION! PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE ALL OF YOUR DOCUMENTS READY BEFORE YOU BEGIN THIS APPLICATION. You will need to allow for approximately 30 minutes to complete this application.  Once you begin the application, you will not be able to save answers and return to the application at a later time. 
If you need to return to a previous section to review your answers, use the “Previous” button at the bottom of each page. Using your computer’s back arrow will clear all information entered.
You MUST click DONE at the end of the application to save all of your answers. 
Documentation that you need to have on hand to complete
application (if applicable):

  • Birth Certificate (or printed shot record)
  • Proof of Residency (ex: rent agreement/utility bill/phone bill)
  • Income Verification
    • All that apply:
    • 2020 tax records(1040 or W2) OR pay stubs for 1 full month) 
    • Written statement from employer (if no W2 or pay stubs are available)
    • Unemployment pay information
    • Documentation of court order child support
    • If self-employed: Schedule C Profit or Loss from business
    • If unemployed: Signed statement on application
    • If applicable: Letter from Social Security with disability or retirement pay information
  • Documentation of chronic health condition from physician
  • Documentation of parent's military service
  • Documentation of developmental needs (IEP or Section 504)
  • Documentation of Custody/Guardianship (If applicable)


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