About this survey

This survey is designed specifically to be completed by HubSpot users. 

Most HubSpot customers are only scratching the surface of using all of what HubSpot has to offer.  

With 5 Hubs, 100s of features, 1,000+ 3rd-party integrations, it’s probably safe to say that no two companies use HubSpot the same way. 

But, what Hubs and Features do most companies setup, use and derive the most value from? 

By completing this survey, you’ll get immediate access to the data that answers these questions. 

To make this survey quick and easy for you, most of the questions are multiple-choice. 

However, at the end, there are a few, optional open-ended questions that you can answer if you’d like to be quoted in our report. 
We are asking for your contact information as well, so we can share the final report with you and can properly quote you. 

On the final page, you will find a link to an exclusive, invite-only Benchmark Group - where you can compare your company’s sales and marketing performance against other HubSpot customers. We strongly encourage you to join it and connect your data (it’s free and anonymously aggregated data): those who opt-in will get preliminary anonymized results of this survey and have the exclusive opportunity to receive additional best practice recommendations from top-performing HubSpot customers (derived from this survey and the data provided by the Benchmark Group). 

All respondents will receive an email update when we publish the full report. 

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* 3. What best describes your current job level? (Pick the best descriptor.)

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* 4. What is the name of your company?

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* 5. What is your company’s website?

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* 7. What is your Annual Recurring Revenue?

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* 9. Which industry are you primarily in?

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