This award, given for the first time in 2021, is intended to recognize the contributions of LGBTQ+ scholars in Linguistics, and is named for Arnold Zwicky, the first out LGBTQ+ President of the LSA. The winner will be recognized at the Awards Ceremony at the LSA Annual Meeting. Nominators and nominees must be LSA members.

Next Nomination Deadline
A preliminary nomination consisting of the nominee's name, curriculum vitae (CV) and/or website URL, must be submitted no later than August 1, 2021. A final nomination, consisting of a nomination form, an updated CV link for the nominee, and a brief citation that can be read at the presentation of the award, must be submitted at the same link by September 1, 2021. Self-nominations and nominations by others are equally welcome. If nominating someone other than yourself, please seek confirmation from the nominee of your intentions prior to submitting your preliminary nomination.
The Zwicky Award recognizes LGBTQ+ linguists who have made significant contributions to the discipline, the society, or the wider LGBTQ+ community through scholarship, outreach, service, and/or teaching. Eligible applicants will be current members of the LSA and identify within the LGBTQ+ community. Eligibility is open to applicants at any career stage.
Final Nomination Form
In the final nomination form, you will be asked to address the areas listed below.  For each area, you will be asked to provide the information requested or explain why it does not apply to this nomination. Note also that you will need to fill the information into the online form for each area; a .pdf cannot be uploaded.

Scholarship: All scholarship is considered. Scholarship focusing on issues of importance to LGBTQ+ communities is desirable. Some examples:
-- peer-reviewed journal publications
-- presentations (including posters) at scholarly conferences
-- chapters in edited volumes
-- edited volumes, books
-- research reports for community agencies, schools, government, etc.
-- webinars, workshops and invited talks
-- bibliographies

Outreach and communication outside academia: All public-facing work is considered. Work that focuses on issues of importance to LGBTQ+ communities is desirable. Some examples:
-- Podcasts and blog posts
-- Interviews on mainstream media
-- Journalistic outputs
-- Artistic, literary and creative work

Service to the LGBTQ+ community. Any service related to or benefitting the LGBTQ+ community is considered. Some examples:
-- Activism/advocacy with school boards, governments, labor associations, etc.
-- Mentorship of LGBTQ+ students / junior colleagues
-- Volunteer work and/or leadership with non-profit orgs
-- Participation in university initiatives or committees

Teaching: All teaching and learning work is considered. Teaching focusing on issues of importance to LGBTQ+ communities is desirable. Some examples:
-- Excellence in teaching and course design
-- Creating teaching materials
-- Sharing teaching & learning expertise with others
-- Excellence in graduate supervision

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