The Burnaby Business Excellence Awards (BBEA) is a joint initiative of the Burnaby Board of Trade and the City of Burnaby and is an opportunity to recognize and honour Burnaby businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs for their successes, perseverance, innovations and commitment to the community.  

Thank you for helping us recognize Burnaby's dynamic business community by nominating an organization/individual for the Burnaby Business Excellence Awards.

This nomination stage is the first step in the awards process. Once nominated, businesses/individuals will be contacted to accept the nomination and provide supporting information for the judging process.  If you are self-nominating, you will be contacted with information on how to provide your supporting information for the judging process.

Key Eligibility Rules:

- Nominees must have a business location in Burnaby and a valid Burnaby business license
- Nominees do NOT have to be members of the Burnaby Board of Trade
- Self-Nominations ARE accepted
- All business sizes and sectors are eligible 
- A business or individual is ineligible to win the same award category more than once in three years
- Not-for-Profit or charitable groups, private institutions and other non-government agencies are considered on the same basis as for-profit businesses with the exception of "Burnaby Community Spirit"

Award Categories:

Burnaby Community Spirit – For a business having demonstrated outstanding commitment to corporate social responsibility, strong support of local service agencies and not-for-profit community organizations, and outstanding community initiatives and activities.

Business Innovation – For ingenuity and innovation in product design, marketing, science, technology, productivity, commercialization, business planning, employee training and other business activities in general, or specific to activities. 

Entrepreneurial Spirit – For having demonstrated a highly entrepreneurial approach to launching a new business or a new initiative within an existing business with significant results in key business metrics.  

Environmental Sustainability – For a business that has made protecting, sustaining and enhancing natural resources an integral part of their business plan by adopting strategies and activities that reduce energy and materials consumption and/or eliminates waste and pollution.

Healthy, Diverse and Inclusive Workplace – For a business that has recognized the value of employee health and wellness, and has created a workplace and culture which supports employees in their efforts to achieve work-life balance and to maintain and improve their physical, emotional and mental well-being. For a business who demonstrated sustained support for advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace and as a catalyst within an industry, organization or local community.

Not-For-Profit Organization of the Year – For a Not-For-Profit organization that has made an outstanding contribution to the Burnaby community and its citizens,  and in doing so has made Burnaby a better place to live, work and play.

Businessperson of the Year – For a local businessperson who, through their personal vision, expertise, dedication and performance has been an outstanding role model for business development and excellence. 

Business of the Year (up to 50 employees) – For a Burnaby business employing up to 50 people which has made an outstanding contribution in the combined areas of business success, innovation and community service in Burnaby.

Business of the Year – For a business that has made an outstanding contribution in the combined areas of business success, innovation and community service in Burnaby.