Thanks for adding your voice!

Dear Friends in Christ:

The Parish Pastoral Council is looking for your help as we plan for the future.  Over 5 years ago, we participated in an archdiocesan survey that provided helpful but limited information.  Many answers in that survey were shaped by some of the problems we were facing at that time.

God has brought us to a new place.  We are now debt free.  We've seen some great growth in Sunday Mass attendance.  Our Vision 2020 campaign has helped us make some much needed repairs and updates to our campus.  Yet, we also know there are always new and better ways we can serve one another in our parish and serve our neighbors in Christ.

As the Parish Pastoral Council works with me and parish staff, we'd like to hear your ideas about where God may be calling our parish.  What is working well?  How could we improve existing programs?  What new programs or services could be helpful?

In addition to recording your responses below, we've allowed room for your comments after each section.  It will be very helpful in compiling the results if you can give short, concise comments or suggestions.  Also, we ask that you avoid comments on particular people involved in programs - staff or volunteers - and focus on comments on the programs or ministries themselves.

Thanks for adding your voice as we prayerfully plan for our future.

Christ's Peace,

Fr. Tom Walker and your Parish Pastoral Council
Spring 2019

Please have each family member age 16 and older fill out a separate survey.  Surveys are intended for families registered in the parish or those who regularly worship with us.