Project Overview
This survey is part of a cross-institutional research project that investigates the continuing low level of collaboration between industry and the research sector. It is a fundamental first step in developing stakeholder-driven strategies to more effectively facilitate collaborative partnerships. It is funded by a grant from CQUniversity. The project has been approved by the CQUniversity Human Research Ethics Committee, approval number 21006.

What is the research about?
The survey seeks your views in relation to: 
(1) common legal and project agreement issues encountered in forming research collaborations; and
(2) improving the ability of researchers and industry to engage in collaborative research.

What will I be asked to do?
If you agree, you will be asked to undertake a short survey. Depending on the level of your engagement with the responses, the survey should take approximately 15 minutes of your time. We recognise that your time is valuable and appreciate you completing the survey. You may discontinue the survey at any time. Participation or non-participation will not affect your employment or academic standing.

Are there any risks or benefits to me?
You may find it rewarding to contribute to international research on collaborative partnerships. The survey outcome will also provide a better understanding of stakeholder perspectives, facilitating the development of strategies to facilitate collaborative partnerships. There is no anticipated risk to you greater than that of inconvenience for the time taken to complete the survey.

Is my participation anonymous?
Yes. You will not be identified in any use of the data. Data will be securely stored for five (5) years after the publication date of the last publication based upon the CQUniversity policy.

Access to results and further information?
The survey results will be reported by way of journal publication(s). You may also elect to receive a plain English summary of results.

Right to Withdraw
You can withdraw and discontinue the survey at any time without penalty or consequence.

Feedback is available to you, and may be provided by you to the researchers, by contacting the researchers below.

Questions/Further Information
Dr AJ George
Senior Lecturer, Law Program
CQU School of Business and Law
P: +61 7 3023 4120

Prof J Tarr
QUT School of Business
P: +61 7 3138 2880

Concerns / Complaints
Please contact the researchers listed above or CQUniversity’s Office of Research (Tel: 07 4923 2603; E-mail:; Mailing address: Building 32, CQUniversity, Rockhampton QLD 4702) should there be any concerns about the nature and/or conduct of this research project.

The SurveyMonkey Privacy Policy can be found here. Please note any personal data collected from you in the survey may be transferred to various countries, including the United States and other locations SurveyMonkey has offices.

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