Select the top 3 issues that matter to you!

A State Election Candidates Forum for the seat of Heffron is being held on Wednesday 8 February at 7pm at the Alexandria Town Hall by:
  • The Alexandria Residents Action Group (ARAG) and
  • REDWatch.
As in past years, we survey residents to determine the key issues that you want to hear about from each of the candidates.  Each candidate will be asked to address the issues within their allotted time.

After the candidates make their presentations, there will be a Q&A session where audience members can ask their own questions of the candidates.
We will be collating the responses and the top three issues nominated by respondents will be put to all of the candidates.
To keep things simple, we need you to select the top three issues and through this simple voting process, the top three issues will be selected and put to the candidates.
Please note: the order in which the issues appear is randomised, so will be different for each respondent and remove bias as much as possible.

Question Title

* Please select the top three issues that you most want to hear about from the candidates.  

Note: If you select more than three, you will have to go back and de-select any over three issues before you can complete the survey.

Thank you for taking part in completing this survey.  Make sure you come along to the Alexandria Town Hall at 7pm on Wednesday 8 February to hear from the candidates.