1. Welcome to the 2022 MWM 101 Survey

The MWM 101 survey is designed to provide a review of your sustainability practices and insights into where you might enhance your efforts. The survey has a maximum of 50 (required) questions, determined by your responses. We will provide you with a report of your answers, as well as a benchmark comparison to other organizations who complete the survey in aggregate. (The benchmark report will be provided as soon as the majority of members have responded.)

The MWM 101 is not an assessment, but it will provide you with information relative to other NHBSR businesses and organizations.  If you are interested in learning more about the related programming available to you through our Measure What Matters program, or would like a list of the questions included in the following survey, we encourage you to visit www.nhbsr.org/mwm

The MWM Committee’s goal is to provide a simple resource to help you consider your sustainability goals and to help us provide the resources you need to achieve them.
Thank you for taking the survey!
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