Student Expectations

The following questions will assist in determining your expectations of MTSU, its
programs and the services that are offered. This information will be used to help us in
better addressing the needs of incoming students. Please indicate the choice that most
closely matches your expectations.

Question Title

* 1. Please answer the following:

  Highly likely Likely Unlikely Highly Unlikely
I plan to graduate from MTSU.
I expect to be involved in extracurricular activities (i.e., student organizations, intramurals, etc.).
I expect to join a fraternity or sorority while attending MTSU.
I expect to hold a leadership position in a student organization.
I expect to attend MTSU athletic events.
I expect to attend university activities (films, concerts, lectures, dances, cultural events, etc.).

Question Title

* 2. During the past year, how often did you experience/participate in the following activities?

  Often Sometimes Rarely Never
Smoked cigarettes, cigars or used other tobacco products including e-cigarettes or electronic devices
Performed volunteer work
Took prescription medications not prescribed to you
Socialized with someone of another racial/ethnic group
Used recreational drugs (i.e., marijuana, etc.)
Communicated via e-mail
Participated in social networking site
Drank alcohol (beer, wine, or liquor)

Question Title

* 3. How important were each of the following in determining where you would go to college?

  Very important Important Somewhat important Not important
My parents wanted me to go
I could not find a job
I wanted to move away from home
Reputation of athletic program
Needed a degree to get a better job
To gain a general education and appreciation of ideas
To prepare myself for graduate or professional school
I was encouraged by a mentor/role model